Don't wait to know if you can drill

Upstream Energy Development is a time consuming process, made more cumbersome by difficult-to-navigate oil & gas regulations.

Utilizing Regulation Explorer’s web-based mapping platform allows development engineers, landmen, regulatory specialists, and company executives to address site specific regulatory matters at the earliest stage of project development.

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Our flexible mapping platform allows for an informative, interactive, and visually appealing look at regulations.

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Our extensive datasets expedite the identification of potential development locations.  

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Our easy-to-share reports allow for in-depth discussion and collaboration among business units.

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A Visual Context for Data 

Simple tools to map out your next project; either starting from a shapefile, or drawing it from scratch. 

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Hone in your search with complete control over data sets and overlays.

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A Data Focused Approach to Regulations 

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Regulation Explorer maintains a wide array of public and proprietary datasets, which track the complex variables impacting project site compliance. Our powerful regulatory engine connects this data back to your projects, ensuring that compliance requirements are understood in context.

The data sets include environmental, cultural, and parcel data, as well as setback distances from building units, high occupancy structures, and transportation lines.

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In-Depth Analysis of the Things That Matter 

Generate in-depth reports on locations of interest.


Relevant data is condensed and organized in a print friendly, easy to share format, allowing for better discussion and collaboration with colleagues.